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Friday, September 15, 2006

Full Wii Launch details

Everyone in Europe and Australia can relax now. The newest details regarding Nintendo's worldwide launch plans for the Wii include December dates for Europe and Australia.

The Wii is slated for release in Europe on December 8 for £179. Australia will see the console one day earlier for A$399.95. Joystiq has a great page that they are continuing to update with all the Wii info you will ever need.

All around, not a bad launch plan for Nintendo. Probably the best bit of news for the company is that, as usual, the Wii will be profitable from day 1. Everyone knows that Microsoft and Sony have made a bad habit out of huge losses on hardware sales. Nintendo has always approached things with a more simplistic design and their profit margins definitely reflect it.

Nintendo's Reggie says they plan to sell 6 million units by March of 2007 and instead of disputing those numbers, analysts are actually expecting them to surpass those and hit closer to 8 million units. I don't think Nintendo could wish for better momentum going into the launch of this console. I, for one, am glad to see things in our industry getting a shake up.

Source: Gamespot


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