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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Review: Smash TV - Xbox360

Title: Smash TV
Platform: Xbox360
Author: Piniata
If you like arcade shooters, I highly recommend this game.

Review: Metroid Prime Hunters - DS

Title: Metroid Prime Hunters
Platform: DS
Author: Ben
It manages to pack a single player campaign that, while it isn't on the level with the Gamecube releases, is still a very strong product.

Killer Nic

If you thought your network card was "just a nic" then think again. Bigfoot Networks is about to launch a product that is going to change all that, allegedly. This new nic is specially designed with gaming in mind and aims to lower pings and increase FPS in online games. The nic has an onboard "NPU" that allows you to upload custom software via the onboard USB port.

I have to say that this seems a little overkill and for $279.99, yes $280 for a nic, it seems even more overkill. I know someone will end up with one out there and it just goes to show what some lengths people go to for that last little bit of performance.

I can't see this being a big market, but if it works for Bigfoot Networks then more power to them. You can check out the Killer now and pre-order it at

New Forza Motorsport 2 Video

Microsoft sent us one of the new Forza 2 videos that was debuted at Leipzig. The video is a 360p (the 720p video was HUGE) and has some awesome footage of Forza 2. The physics and damage this game has incorporated are insane. You can check out the video here.

Review: WarPath - Xbox

Title: WarPath
Platform: Xbox
Author: Chris A.J.
You could do worse than Warpath, but you could certainly do a whole lot better.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Rule of Rose Website Live

Atlus sends word that the website for their new creepy RPG Rule of Rose is now live.

Rule of Rose is set in 1930's England and tells the story of a girl who wanders into a world ruled by misguided children. She is subjected to cruel treatment time and time again. To unravel the mystery of this strange place you must solve puzzles and connect the clues. Sounds like it has a lot of potential. Rule of Rose will be out exclusively for the PS2 on Sept. 12, 2006 here in North America.

For more info, check out the official Rule of Rose website.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Next-gen Burnout in the works

JoeHonkie wrote:
Looks like Burnout will be heading for the PS3 and the Xbox 360 as an "open world" game. Also there will be car crashing and explosions. I'm not sure how well the format will work for this license, but plenty of others have successfully made the transition.

Burnout coming to PS3, 360 (Eurogamer)

Thanks, Piniata!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Manifesto Games finally materializes

JoeHonkie wrote:
Insane genius Greg Costikyan was behind some of the classic 80s pen & paper RPGs, and also has some history as a writer, and was even involved with computer games. A while ago, he wrote a games manifesto challenging the status quo of big and ugly corporate game design, and while I didn't agree with every word of it, he did have some interesting things to say.

At that time he was starting up a site to collect the best examples he could find of innovative and independant gaming, and here it is! I'm a big fan of indie games, but I'm always dissapointed with the quality of sites about said games. I have high hopes for this one.

More trippy retrogaming goodness coming to XBLA

JoeHonkie wrote:
Jeff Minter, the genius behind the mind-blowing Tempest (Don't know what that is? Get offa my lawn!), has come up with a new, wacky looking treat for Xbox 360. Space Giraffe, which I totally didn't make up, is coming to Live Arcade sometime in the future.

I will buy it even though I suck very badly at Geometry Wars, and it seems it may be in the same vein. I was bad at Tempest, too.

Jeff Minter bringing space giraffes to XBLA (Joystiq)

Skill information for the Burning Crusade

JoeHonkie wrote:
Blizzard has released information on some of the new skills that will be available in their upcoming expansion. Read up to ready your perfect builds. Then be dissapointed later when your favorite stuff is nerfed to balance out some whiny kids.

Happy Birthday Pic

Saturday was Pic's birthday and since we do things a few days late around here at SBG I just wanted to give him a happy birthday shout out. I think this one officially makes him old.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

New release watch

JoeHonkie wrote:
This is a pretty happening week. I'm going to have to pass up some decent games here.

Disgaea 2 - PS2
Despite sounding like some sort of gastrointestinal disorder, the first game had a huge cult following. This game should have no problems selling out.

Ultimate Ghosts N' Goblins - PSP
I have been waiting a long time for this. Capcom gives an old classic a huge update, but leaves it awesome and 2d.

Starfox Command - DS
A new and more freeform Starfox, now with touchscreen tactical controls. A must have for any diehard Nintendo fan.

Enchanted Arms - Xbox 360
If you have to have a Japanese RPG for your 360, this is it. I hope you like effeminate sax players!

One Piece Grand Adventure - PS2, GC
I actually hear the other entries in this series are pretty fun brawlers. Haven't heard much on this one. I guess you'll want it if you really like the cartoon.

This week we also have two Hall of Shame entries:

Jaws Unleashed - PC
Seriously, I hear the Xbox version was freaking terrible. Avoid this one.

Bomberman Act Zero - Xbox 360
Bomberman gets all dark and gritty in this atrocity. The modified play mechanics don't exactly spell "winner" either.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Fatal Fury Special on Live Arcade?

JoeHonkie wrote:
Say it ain't so? This is pretty much one of my favorite games of all time, so I'm pretty psyched.

SNK Playmore unleashes the Fury on XBLA (Joystiq)

Friday, August 25, 2006

X360 Core Price Drop in Europe is carrying news that the Core Xbox 360 system in Europe has officially had it's price lowered From $209 GBP to $199 GBP. Not a huge change, but a welcome one. Could Microsoft be clearing out the Core systems due to their lack of sales? One can only wonder. The Premium system is holding steady at a price of $279 GBP. We can only hope that more price cuts are on the horizon.

I suspect with the pending release of the PS3 that we will see some nice price cuts in the days before Sony gets out of the gate.


Review: Me and My Katamari - PSP

Title: Me and My Katamari
Platform: PSP
Author: Dark Raven X
It belongs in the collection of any Katamari fan, and it’s good enough to introduce people to the series too.

Review: Summon Night: Swordcraft Story - GBA

Title: Summon Night: Swordcraft Story
Platform: GBA
Author: Vyolynce
Even at that brief (by RPG standards) duration, this is still a solid title and worth the purchase price... if you can find a copy.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

New DS Lite Colors

Nintendo sends word that Sept. 13 will see the launch of 2 new DS Lite colors, Coral Pink and Onyx. This should only serve to boost the already insane sales of the DS Lite.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Podcast Recording

Pickle wrote:
Ladies and gentlmen, its time once again for a Snackbar Podcast. And par for the course is your take, which we read over the online air waves. What is the topic you ask? Well its two fold, and this could be our best podcast to date.

We are talking about Violence in Gaming again and we will be breaking down and giving our take on Mr. Thompson's appearence on Attack of the Show. Its all the buzz over the internet (see it here). We want to know specifically what about the argument you would have done differently. Did Adam Sessler come off badly as many have said, is Jack a cunning fox, or a fanatic? This is what we want to know.

Secondly since we are talking about Violence In Gaming we want to know what you have to say on the topic as general. Now new rule as far as forum responses go so Pretz and I dont freak out trying to read the books you post. What you want us to read put in brackets. Now debate and discourse as you will, however place what you want us to READ on the podcast in brackets. Example: [Pic, Pretz, I think yadda yadda]

Dead or Alive Extreme 2: now with tan lines!

JoeHonkie wrote:
Apparently Dead or Alive will process tans, including tan lines, on the girls as you play through the game. If you change swimsuits, the tan lines will be visible, and it will calculate tham all in real time.

All I can say is...WEIRDED OUT! I guess if you really appreciate virtual women with balloon like boobs, the tan lines might make your fantasy a little more real? Creeeeepyy....

DOAX Gets Tan Line Technology (IGN, thanks to Ben)

Don't forget: free poker!

JoeHonkie wrote:
Free Texas Hold 'Em on Xbox Live today for those who want it.

Get it while it's free.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Cross-realm Battlegrounds hit World of Warcraft

JoeHonkie wrote:
Yes, now you can PvP with your buddies who aren't on your server. Also the patch adds a whole bunch of other stuff that you'll be better at finding out about than me.

So far people seem to have a positive view of the new patch.

Cross-server PvP now available in WoW (Joystiq)

Crysis and the 10-hour deathmatch

JoeHonkie wrote:
OK, well it may not be a deathmatch, Crysis will have a team-based game mode that will supposedly take "up to" 10 hours to finish. You will start with your normal FPS squad, then acquire credits and promotions to get better gear, then take over vehicle and gear production facilities, then raid alien crash sites to powerup your stuff, and THEN you can go take out your enemie's base. There will be an in-game day and night cycle every 2 hours.

Man, I'd rather have a simpler game with more maps under different conditions. UT2004 Onslaught is about my limit. But I'm also pretty sure I'm not the only one who can (or wants to) devote hours on end to playing a game like this online.

Those people are already playing World of Warcraft. (OK, cheap dig, jeez!)

Crysis multiplayer to feature 10-hour matches, multiple day/night cycles (Joytiq)

DVDs getting too small for games?

JoeHonkie wrote:
This article on Joystiq brings back one of the arguments that has been levelled against Microsoft's choice of a normal DVD drive in the Xbox 360. Apparently Resistance: Fall of Man takes up 22 Gigs already, and it's not even done yet. I had kind of thought that this might be possible. Still, most games so far don't seem to be filling up a DVD9 yet, and multiple disks don't bother me until up about 4 or 5.

It'll be interesting to see how this pans out, and if the "no games on HD-DVD" stance that Xbox is taking will last.

(Note: the article was saying the game is too big for a single-layer HD-DVD, but I haven't seen anything that says the 360 won't be able to read dual-layers. I think the idea is just crazy talk)

Pink Sony stuff for the lady in your life

JoeHonkie wrote:
In case you missed them:

Pink PSP
Pink PS2
(both at Engadget)

Europe only!

Xbox Live Vision camera review

JoeHonkie wrote:
Yes, for those of you who didn't know, the Xbox Live Vision package has had it's street date broken at a few places. Someone at Cheapass Gamer has a nice review of the package for us. Unfortunately, Totemball is not a pack-in. Even worse, the pack-in is Uno, which most people already have.

Apparently it's a pretty good camera. I've recently considered picking up a cheap EyeToy and some games, so that has me a little curious. Don't know if I'm so interested in Video chat or picture attachments to my messages, though.

There's also some info on some upcoming games for Xbox Live with camera support. They seem to be updates or ports of the games in Big Bang Board Games by Freeverse that have been given added camera support.

The 360 Live Vision Camera reviewed (Arstechnica)

Monday, August 21, 2006

Review: Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories - PS2

Title: Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
Platform: PS2
Author: Piniata
Even though the game is budget priced, I recommend renting it.

Review: FIFA World Cup 2006 - Xbox360

Title: FIFA World Cup 2006
Platform: Xbox360
Author: Piniata
The game is fun, but I don’t think it justifies a 60 dollar purchase on the Xbox 360.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

New Release Watch: Madden Edition

JoeHonkie wrote:
So, there's one big title coming this week. Can you guess what it is? Also, some game with Pac-man, and American McGee plasters his name on another game I couldn't care less about. Enjoy!

Madden 2007 - you name it
The big news for this week is Madden, which is hitting every system you can think of. Will the series bring new features and updated graphics, or will the monopoly on the NFL license result in a weak attempt to kick a dead horse? No matter what the outcome, one thing will be sure: We can expect insightful commentary like "The Ravens will have to kick or run the ball in if they want to score any points." Thanks, John. Without you I'd never know what to do next.

Pac-Man World Rally - PSP, PS2, Gamecube, PC
Namco adds to the ever growing library of Mario Kart clones, only this time with Pac-man. I might get it anyways. It's Pac-man and Mario Kart at the same time!

Bad Day L.A.
American McGee tries to take on the Bush White House with sarcasm and fails. Ugly graphics, childish humor, and mild racism drive his point home in a way that couldn't be misunderstood. There's a demo out if you don't believe me. For the easily amused only.

Well, not a very exciting week, except for you Madden fans. But if you like the NFL, this is the only game you'll see them in this year.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Live Vision: Put your face in the game?

JoeHonkie wrote:
Hey, remember Tony Hawk's putting of faces into games? Well, it seems like there is finally some concrete information on Xbox 360's Live Vision Camera (the answer to the EyeToy) and it has tools to do just that (only hopefully better). Rad! I always wanted my gruff and studly video game heroes to look like a badly shaven 30 year old man! Hmmm, I guess most of them already do.

There's also a bit of info on the pack-in game, developed by the people who did the Toysight games on Mac, as well as some information on face tracking technology. I hear good things about the Toysight games (even if they do look like EyeToy for Mac), and I'm a big fan of Freeverse games in general, so if someone gives me a free Live Vision camera I'll be all over it.

An Update on Microsoft's Xbox 360 Live Vision Camera Technology (Gamasutra)

PS3 E3 videos in 720p

JoeHonkie wrote:
Say that 5 times fast. Someone has put up some 720p versions of Sony's PS3 trailers from E3. (They may be slightly edited from their original versions in some cases.)

High quality PS3 trailers ready to download (Joystiq)

How much paid content is too much?

JoeHonkie wrote:
So I was reading this article, and while it overstates the case (a downloadable fourth class is purely speculation on Gameinformer's part), it did make me think of something.

Downloadable content has (mostly) been a good thing, basically allowing small additions to games for small fees. Sort of like an expansion available piecmeal. On the other hand, there has been speculation that some content was cut for initial release in order to save it as a moneymaker off Microtransactions. Certainly, there have been some things worth buying, and some things that aren't.

On their plus side, paid downloadable content can extend the life of a game that would otherwise be dormant. On the minus side, if the questionable tactic above were shown to work, it might be commonplace to cut down games. I know people like to point out all the free content that a few PC games have gotten, but this is hardly true of every PC game, and console space is a little different. What do you guys think?

Thursday, August 17, 2006

New portable Star Wars title in the works

JoeHonkie wrote:
There's a portable Star Wars title in the works, and this one's being done by UbiSoft, who will apparently be Lucasarts partner in crime for the near future. Two different versions of the game are being developed for PSP and DS. The game will apparently revolve around a young girl and her robot and the theft of the Death Star plans.

I'm not too psyched about that backstory, but maybe I might be satisfied if many Bothans are killed in the making of the game. There should be guest appearances by many of the fan favorites, if nothing else.

Ubisoft, LucasArts Announce Partnership, Star Wars: Lethal Alliance (Gamasutra)

Justice League game quickly previewed

JoeHonkie wrote:
I didn't even know this one was coming out. Sadly, it sounds like a bad ripoff of X-Men Legends. Only two characters on screen? No online co-op? Still, check out the screenshots. Zatanna's looking hot!*

Joystiq quick visit: Justice League Heroes (Joystiq)

* Yeah, I worry about you guys if you take this seriously. Go outside!

Twilight Princess Wii will not support Gamecube controllers

JoeHonkie wrote:
Looks like Twilight Princess on Wii will support the Wii controllers only. This will come as a blow to those who wanted the Wii version, but wanted traditional Zelda controls.

I have heard that the Wii controls involve a steep learning curve, although I will wait until I have more substantial evidence to go on. Either way, the game apparently recieves no graphical upgrade in the Wii version, so if you're worried, just don't buy that one.

No GameCube Controller on Zelda Wii (1up)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Fantasy Football?

Is there any interest in a Fantasy Football league this year? EA is offering us another free Commish account if we want it. Remember we will cap this at 12 teams again. If enough of you want in I will take the account and get it all set up. Chime in here if you are interested.

Xbox Live Texas Hold 'Em free for 48 hours

JoeHonkie wrote:
If you download Texas Hold 'Em during the first 48 hours of its release next week, you can keep it for free. So set your timers and syncronize you watches, or whatever you people do, and grab it on the 23rd.

News: 'Texas Hold 'em' update (Major Nelson)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Buy your potions on Live

JoeHonkie wrote:
So it looks like Microsoft will be allowing you to buy non-permanent items on the Live Marketplace in the form of "consumables." So for those of you wishing to shortcut the in-game process of earning gold or looting monsters to get your healing items, go you. I mean, I can't really blame anyone for taking advantage of such schmucks.

Microsoft to take a bite out of "consumables" (Joystiq)

EA dumping old titles on PSP

JoeHonkie wrote:
EA is dumping a classic games collection on PSP and I love it! At least this way my PSP gets some games I want to play.

Budokan? Syndicate? Wing Commander? Yes please.

EA Planning Extensive PSP Compilation (1up)

Monday, August 14, 2006

Forum Upgrade

I am busy breaking, I mean upgrading, the forum so hang tight while it is offline.

Worlds of Warcraft: Burning Cursade drops breadcrumbs of information

JoeHonkie wrote:
Nobody really knows what the Caverns of Time will be like, but now you can see some screenshots and a nice blob of text that doesn't tell you anything. Thanks Blizzard!

The rumor seems to be that it will allow you to replay some historical battles from the Warcraft background fiction.

Beware of falling 360 prices!

JoeHonkie wrote:
It looks like the $60 price point isn't as nice as everyone thought. Apparently a few titles in the near future are coming in at $40 or $50.

360 games are showing up more often under $60 (ArsTechnica)

Microsoft to allow home/indie game development for Xbox 360

JoeHonkie wrote:
Microsoft will be allowing any user to develop Xbox 360 games via a $99 subscription fee and their XNA game development platform. A lite version of the platform, called XNA game studio express, will be available to all users of Windows XP for free, with the $99 subscription price going towards the ability to test and share the games on 360.

As of this time there is no plan to make user made games available over Live, but that may change.

BREAKING: Microsoft To Enable User-Created Xbox 360 Games (Gamasutra)

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Joystiq World of Warcraft interview

JoeHonkie wrote:
Joystiq has a nice big interview with Jeff Kaplan, who is World of Warcraft's lead designer. It is mostly about the changes in the upcoming Burning Crusade expansion and some of the philosophy behind them, but it also just has some general questions about why Blizzard thinks WoW has been so successful. There's a bit of a focus on PvP information here, but they manage to hit a broad variety of topics. Read away!

Exclusive: Joystiq interviews WoW's Jeff Kaplan (Joystiq)

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Review: Cloning Clyde - Xbox360

Title: Cloning Clyde
Platform: Xbox360
Author: JoeHonkie
Overall, the game ends up being a little short and a little easy, but it's loads of fun and has a great sense of humor.

Review: Eets - PC

Title: Eets
Platform: PC
Author: JoeHonkie
The entire experience is fun, and if you want more of it, there's a really great community portion that Klei has put out there.

Xbox Live stuff

JoeHonkie wrote:
There's a lot of new stuff on Xbox Live for the 360 in the past week. Just a quick list:

- Keys to unlock 8 costumes for Dead Rising
- A Bomberman: Act Zero trailer and some gamer pictures (yuk!)
- A demo of Flight Simulator X
- An EA showcase trailer
- A new Chromehounds trailer
- And, of course, Pac-Man if you haven't nabbed it already

So you 360 folks can have a lot of downloads to mess around with if you have the time. I'll be killing zombies myself.

Friday, August 11, 2006

G4 make themselves look like idiots in front of Jack Thompson

JoeHonkie wrote:
One thing you should never do, no matter how invalid your opponents argument, is to act like a screaming idiot in front of a lawyer. Lawyers know how to keep their cool and present ludicrous theories in such a way that average people will take them as truth. That being said, G4 is not exactly a beacon of common sense.

A few sites try to belittle Jack's composure in this interview, but most people can see that to an average non-gamer type person that he comes off as way less crazy than we like to think.

Fingerpoint 2006: Jack Thompson interviewed (Destructoid)

Return of New Release Watch

JoeHonkie wrote:
I know I haven't done this for two weeks, but I have been busy, and they were mostly pretty boring weeks except for a game or two that we all had been hyping anyways. But it's back and it's a good week to do it, too.

Darkstar One - PC
We've had a fair trickle of info about this here spaceship game. I don't have the time for it myself, but it looks like a fairly solid effort.

99 Nights - Xbox 360
The demo should tell you everything that the reviews are saying: If you are sick of Dynasty Warriors, don't expect the great fantasy design to breathe new life into the game. I'm definitely picking it up used, though. It's been a while since I touched the genre.

Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus - PS2
Another extension of the Final Fantasy VII epic storyline. It has recieved poor reviews, so it may be for Final Fantasy fanatics only.

Looks like there is life after Dead Rising. It should be a while before I feel the need to grab 99 Nights, though. By then it should be real cheap.

Halo director to make major changes already?

JoeHonkie wrote:
Looks like there are already some changes being made to the Master Chief's armor for the upcoming film. According to the director, the existing design would limit the mobility of the actor. He should tell that to all the geeks who have built their own.

Master Chief's armor to be revised for Halo film (Joystiq)

Bully not so bad?

JoeHonkie wrote:
So it seems Bully is pretty tame, punishing you for bad behavior and even making you go to class. It has apparently even satisfied several mainstream news outlets, including the New York Times.

Check out the trailer to see for yourself. (IGN)

Mainstream media: Bully relatively tame (Josytiq)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Review: Battlefield 2: Modern Combat - Xbox360

Title: Battlefield 2: Modern Combat
Platform: Xbox360
Author: Chris A.J.
Depending on who you are, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat may just be worth another look on the Xbox 360.

Review: Frogger - Xbox360

Title: Frogger
Platform: Xbox360
Author: Chris A.J.
Frogger for Xbox Live Arcade will provide some good classic fun.

Pics of Xbox360 HD-DVD

So C|Net put up coverage the other day of the first public demo of the HD-DVD drive for the X360 and I completely missed it. For those of you that also missed it, here are th epics of the unit with a 360 for comparison. While the drive is a little bit large, I think it will be a welcome addition to the unit and with a scheduled release of this year, I can't say that I'm not a little bit excited.

Genesis Collection to PSP and PS2

Growing up I didn't have an SNES, I had a Genesis. I still have most of that Genesis collection stored in my office. Kotaku got word that Sega is releasing some of the better Genesis games for the PS2 and the PSP this fall. I can't express my interest in this. I wish more developers would do this as they would eliminate my need to stockpile old games and systems that I really don't have room to keep hooked up and play.

The collection will include Altered Beast, Sonic the Hedgehog, Golden Axe (YES!), and Shinobi III among others.

Source: Kotaku

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Cash Money - the new Smash TV?

JoeHonkie wrote:
It's probably not quite that good, but the upcoming Cash Money for PSP does look like a nice massive shooting romp. I hope it's good, because the PSP could use some nice mindless shooter fun.


PSP to get some Cash Money y'all (Joystiq)

We know the name of the Halo film director

JoeHonkie wrote:
But who is he? Neill Blomkamp has apparently done a sci-fi short film and some 3d work for Smallville and an episode of Dark Angel long after I stopped watching it, but I really couldn't tell you anything about him. Except that he's apparently from South Africa.

Honestly his tiny portfolio (which seems to be purely 3d animation) doesn't mean he will disappoint us. Maybe the move will mostly be 3d rendered? Who knows at this point.

I guess he can't be worse than Uwe Boll.

Halo Movie Director Named (Gamasutra)

Atari to bring Bullet Witch to the US?

JoeHonkie wrote:
While this article (Gamasutra) is a little vague, it seems to indicate that Atari will be publishing Bullet Witch here. Which is good news, because I am rapidly finding out that there is no guarantee that Japanese games will be region free or get a release here, and I'm not modding my 360.

I know some people are very psyched about this game. I have my doubts, but I'm not going to pretend it doesn't look fun.

Doom on your DS?

Homebrew development has been around for a while and occasionally a decent game will come out, but I just caught a link to a site where they have ported over various Doom games to run on the DS with pics of the DS Lite running the game. Pretty sweet if you ask me. The port doesn't make use of the touch screen, but it does have full WiFi access. Can you say portable multiplayer Doom?

Source: DS Doom

FEAR multiplayer to be free

JoeHonkie wrote:
On August 17th, you will be able to play the multiplayer component of FEAR free, as much as you want. They are making the game a free download like Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Sounds good to me!

F.E.A.R. online component to be released as free download (ArsTechnica)

Additional thanks to Wytefang for pointing this out earlier.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006 Deal

I don't want to turn into a "deals" website, but I do want to point out that has a sweet deal today:

Saitek Cyborg Graphite USB Joystick - 2 Pack for $11.99 + $5 for shipping. If you are in the market for these, get over there soon as I doubt they will have enough stock to make it through this afternoon.

Get them here.

Kameo Power Pack to add new multiplayer features to Kameo

JoeHonkie wrote:
It's adding an expert difficulty, time attack mode, and even some odd sounding versus mode. Nobody knows any pricing details yet.

Coming Soon: Kameo Power Pack! (

How to play with HD-DVD on the 360

JoeHonkie wrote:
The Gamerscore Blog has a preview mock up of how the HD-DVD player interface will work on your Xbox 360. All 1 of the people who plan to get the HD-DVD add-on should be fascinated.

More on the HD-DVD player from Major Nelson (Gamerscore Blog, originally from Major Nelson)

Monday, August 07, 2006

Lego Star Wars II demo

JoeHonkie wrote:
The Lego Star Wars II demo for PC is apparently out. I need to get home soon.

(Thanks, Chart)

EDIT: Here's the icky Fileplanet link.

More DS Lite Cracks?

MaxConsole is showing pics of yet another type of crack on the DS Lites. This type of crack could render your unit inoperable. I suggest checking out your Lite and contacting Nintendo if you start to see cracks. This could be good news for Nintendo, I mean if you subscribe to the Sony/PS2 style of counting sales they might be able to double their total number of "shipped" units in just a few weeks. (I just had to get that in, you all know I love my Ratchet & Clank and Kingdom Hearts)

Check out the story and pics at MaxConsole.

Source: MaxConsole

EA boots online players of older games

JoeHonkie wrote:
I hope you aren't trying to avoid upgrading to the latest and greatest EA games, because you won't be able to play online soon. Pretty much anything that's not 2006 will be dropped from online support within in a few months. Many of those 2004-2005 titles have already been dropped, as well as Need for Speed Underground 2, NBA Street V3, and Fight Night Round 2.

There's one way to push forced upgrades. I haven't even installed NFS: Underground 2 yet, and now I may just pass. And never buy another EA game again (ok, fat chance there). I still like to play Need for Speed 3, so I'm kinda glad they can't take that away from me.

I don't even get how they can drop support for NBA Street V3 already, since there isn't even a sequel yet.

'No more online gaming for you!' says EA (Joystiq, also has complete listing of games and dates)

Friday, August 04, 2006

Dead Rising demo out

JoeHonkie wrote:
I know I'm not the only one psyched about this, so go grab it!

Demo: Dead Rising (Major Nelson)

Xbox Live Arcade keeps getting better

JoeHonkie wrote:
Looks like Konami has signed up with the old Contras, Time Pilot, and even Symphony of the Night. Sweet deal.

Symphony of the Night Heads to XBLA (1up, via Holt)

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Podcast Recording Topic

Pickle wrote:
This weekend we will be recording our podcast. We are talking about PC vs Console, which games are better on which? What this means is your going to hear me yap about how Rainbow Six on consoles is a total kiddie version of what it should be. Oh yeah and we will get your take on why you like the keyboard and mouse over a controller. So chime in, and dont forget to send us your What Are You Playing Now segments to

Alawar releases 2 new titles

David over at Alawar shot me an email and let me know that they had 2 new games out: Sea Bounty and Flower Quest.

Alawar is a smaller game companies that targets the puzzle game market for PCs and I love to promote them because some of the simple games they put out are just so much fun. They aren't glitz and flash, but instead they focus in on the gameplay like the games some of us grew up on.

Build your own paper arcade

JoeHonkie wrote:
Siliconera has templates to build mini-paper arcade machines. I'm totally gonna get these printed on cardstock at Kinkos. Rad!

Originally via Destructoid

News Layout Tweak

I just wanted to bring your attention, as if it wasn't blatantly obvious, that I tweaked the layout for the news. I hope it is easier to read. As always, your feedback is welcome.

Publishers crazy about Wii, not so much for PS3

JoeHonkie wrote:
So it seems that at least EA, Midway, and Ubisoft are set on making lots of nice fun games for the Wii. Ubisoft has even been praising the console itself, hinting that it may be a breath of fresh air in the market. Sega, who is already known to have titles on the market, seems to be a fan of the system's price point.

The PS3, on the other hand, can count out Atari until at least next year. The publisher is worried that it will not be able to produce a viable business model on the machine.

EDIT: I forgot to throw this in, but SNK is waiting until 2009 to touch the PS3. Ouch. A lot of us 2d nuts will count that as a huge mark against.

Everybody Loves the Wii (slashdot)
Ubisoft, Midway Pledge Strong Wii Support (GameDaily BIZ)
Atari CEO: No PS3 games before 2007 (Joystiq)
SNK to wait until 2009 to develop for PS3 (Joystiq)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Nintendo Repairs Busted DS Lites

In good old Nintendo fashion, they have admitted that the cracks in the new DS Lites are due to a manufacturing defect and they are repairing them free of charge. Why is it so hard for everyone in our industry to do this instead of denying their product has a problem, Sony I am looking at you.

You can catch the whole story on


Street Fighter laggy?

JoeHonkie wrote:
If you've been living under a rock (non-Xbox folks excluded, of course), you know that Street Fighter II on live has been delayed quite a bit. Supposedly the reason was problems with glitches and lag when playing online. Unfortunately it sounds like the problems are still there, but the good news is that Capcom is trying to stay on top of them and get them fixed quickly.

I'm of two minds about this game at a $10 price point, but I do like the idea of popping online for a scrap if they can cure the problems. Until then I will be shooting space bees and moving both left AND right!

Sonic Wii screenshots and controller usage

JoeHonkie wrote:
Sonic looks pretty good on the Wii, but I'm not sure I'm super excited about the "tilt left & right" control scheme. It certainly doesn't sound as clever as some of the control schemes we are expecting.

More Sonic Wii photos surface -- show off Wiimote movement (Joystiq)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Xbox Live updates

JoeHonkie wrote:
The Saints' Row trailer and demo are now up on Xbox Live, as well as another Red vs. Blue (hope it doesn't skip like the last one) and a Madden trailer. Also, the first map pack for Lord of the Rings is out, but at 700 points it may not get many takers.

This all comes via Major Nelson.